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    來源:http://m.gdxinmeihua.com 發布時間:2021-10-18

    The electric heating furnace will produce radiation, but this radiation is harmless to the human body, so you can rest assured that before stopping heating, you can use the heating electric boiler to close the water inlet and outlet valve: the radiator should be used in the non heating period after the heating season. Generally, new radiators are required to close the water inlet and outlet valves before stopping heating, so as to ensure the service life of radiators and prevent water leakage.
    Do not use organic solvents when cleaning the radiator surface. Use a mild detergent, such as soapy water. The heating water is softened water after anti-corrosion treatment, and chemical reagent is added. The cost is high, and private storage of this water is also harmful to the body. Electric heating furnace controller is a fully automatic electric heating furnace boiler controller controlled by microcontroller. It includes joint control of return water temperature and room temperature, joint control of outlet water temperature and room temperature, independent return water temperature control and independent outlet temperature control. It has the advantages of small volume, strong anti-interference ability and high reliability. Its rich interfaces and various control modes can be applied to the control requirements of various electric heating boilers.
    Electric heating furnace is very good for users, will not cause problems, and has good leakage protection measures. Therefore, users will not be affected by the magnetic field intensity generated by electric heating furnace equipment far lower than relevant standards. The installation equipment of electric heating furnace is completely installed inside the building equipment, so that people will not touch the electric heating furnace and will not cause any problems.
    If the electric heating boiler has no blowdown valve, it must be heated. Winter is the peak season of electric heating furnace, but not many families clean regularly. Harm of electric heating furnace not cleaned: the electric heating furnace must be cleaned when it is time to use. The formation of scale is affected by temperature Generally, machines with water temperature less than 70 ℃ rarely scale. There are many ways to remove scale. The simple one is to use solar descaling agent, add it and drain the water for a period of time, and the scale can be cleaned up, so that the heating system of the electric furnace can be updated.
    Radiation can be divided into two types: ionizing radiation and non ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation refers to high-energy radiation that can destroy physiological tissues and cause harm to human body. This damage usually has a cumulative effect. Nuclear radiation is typical ionizing radiation
    Non ionizing radiation is far from the energy to decompose molecules. It mainly acts on the irradiated object in the form of thermal effect. Just like the sun can make the skin hot, but if the sun is too long, it will inevitably sunburn. But the sun does not ionize human molecules. Therefore, the electromagnetic radiation generated by radio waves generally has only thermal effect and will not cause harm. The molecular bonds of organisms are different from harmful nuclear radiation. The radiation produced by electric heaters is non ionizing radiation.

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